Government Owned Privately Operated (GOPO)

Billions of dollars in government-owned real estate is leased to private companies which operate the facilities "for profit". Prior to 1925, most GOPO involved the construction of merchant vessels at US shipyards. During World War II many manufacturing plants were government owned privately operated enterprises, including those involved in the production of metals such as aluminum. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) monitors GOPO since some government owned privately operated facilities are engaged in nuclear and atomic energy generation.

In California, a GOPO property operated by Union Carbide Corporation was used for research and development of chemical and nuclear products. An appeal was raised to determine if the GOPO property, which Union Carbide Corporation was able to use at no charge from the governement, should be included in the valuation of the company's property. It is understood that this GOPO property was also used by company to produce commercial products.

GOvernment and POlitics

GOPO is also often used as an abbreviation or acronym for GOvernment and POlitics. Want to learn more about politics and your government? GOPO courses can be found at most major colleges and universities.

GOPO the plant species

According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), GOuania POlygama is a plant which is native to Puerto Rico and grows as a vine or shrub. This plant is a perennial in the Rhamnaceae family of the Dicot group.

GOPO (glycoside of mono and diglycerol)

GOPO is a component of the rose-hip, rosa-canina, also known as Dog Rose. Rose hips are commonly used in herbal teas and are known to be high in vitamin C. Rose hips are also used to treat arthritis symptoms. A 2007 article by the BBC refers to GOPO as a sugary, fatty acid which is like a plant version of fish oil.

GOPO Gopherus polyphemus

is the accepted scientific name for gopher tortise, a federally endangered species of reptile in the order Chelonia. The gopher tortise is a species of special concern to the Florida Game and Fresh Water Fish Commision. Gopher tortise is a resident of the pine-oak communities of the southern United States. This species is considered endangered because much of its original habitat has been developed for real estate, agriculture and other uses by man.


Gopo is a warm area near the coast of Malaysia where about 10,000 people live and nearby Brunei. Gopo is a short plane ride from the Philipines and it is near the Kota Kinabalu International Airport (KKIA). Gopo is located in Sabah and is near the Crocker range mountain and Kinabalu mountain.